- Ab Jacobs


Ab Jacobs is the most recognisable Armenian name in the Techno scene.He is a DJ and producer with his unique techno style.Having good music background and experience playing in many musical projects in his early youth it is no surprise that after being infected by old school House/Techno vibes this young man jumped up.Keeping up the original works for his home label Ab Jacobs (Keif) has done lots of tracks and remixes for labels like Oxytech, Underdub, Creptonit, Infektusman, Gain, Baroque, Finder, Free spirit, Intellect, Intellect Black.There were numerous entries in techno and minimal tops on different music shops all over the world done by Ab Jacobs (Keif's) music and he got support from some serious players in this industry.He is supported by such famous artists as Richie Hawtin,Pan-Pot,A*S*Y*S and many others.But he is not running over the quantity of tracks as his main point is quality and ideas. So watch out and support!

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