- Aaron Und Pascal


Aaron und Pascal began in 2009.Just for fun, playing in small clubs, having fun.The beauty of this is that these two boys have two different schools of musical thought: Aaron comes from the rock, the dark music, from 'pretty jarring electronics, Pascal comes from' hip hop, from reggae, these short stories here..... we said, the game has become a real job, from small club of the city to other national and international.T heir products do not have an exact time, can adapt to any situation, but always express positive energy and passion for music.They got great satisfaction, Sleep Is Commercial, OFF RECORDINGS, Natural Rhythm, Recycle Records, Blackrose Records, are just some of the labels that have entrusted their work.Of course there are plenty of positive feedback on the trail of the boys, "the big" appreciate their products, in fact, have been remixed by Gavin Herlihy, Horatio, Priku, Antonio del Prete, Supernova and others ....Aaron and Pascal, have fun, the important thing for them is to spend a good time, passing all the beauty that music offers.