- A Plain White Wrapper


Initially a play on words for an emcee, A Plain White Wrapper began in the summer of 2005, formed by Christopher "Razorsharp" Shick. This was quickly scrapped in favor of a project containing straight instrumental beats with occasional vocals.After joining a local band fronted by a few friends already in the underground music scene, Christopher began his musical journey. Inspired from a range of different genres and artists, Chris focused on developing his own unique sound. This was further advanced by constant tutoring by his mentors and friends. APWW emerged four years later as a blend of 90's Trip-Hop, Industrial and newer variants such as Dubstep and Glitch-Hop. His sound also includes ambient loops, reverb laden melodies, distorted lo-fi bass lines and crunchy chopped drum loops.A Plain White Wrappers first full-length release on Division X Records, The Voice In The Wire" hit in December of 2009. The 2010 follow-up remix album, "Android (the remixes)" featured several Detroit electronic artists such as Function13, Gusto, T. Linder, Red Pill Blue Pill, DJ Seoul, INDSCY4, and Messerschmidt.A Plain White Wrapper dropped his second full-length in 2012 entitled "Astronomy," also on Division X Records.