- A-Kintero


A-Kintero is a dreamer the NYC Based DJ/Producer came tothe US in 2008 with a dream and passion to produce andspin good music. Driven by always looking for the means ofgood quality music, he started being around the NYC scene,where later on he was given the chance to show his talentas a DJ. His love for music developed his ability to be verytasty in his sounds, deep in his groovy-melo Techno way toexpress himself on his biweekly radio show 'Frekuencies'and around NYC Clubs. One night djing he met his partnerAndres Acevedo, both make one of the duos to look out, asthey trying to improve a unique and original sound basedsynths and baselines. Currently at the underground deepand tech they began establishing a name for them selfsplaying at clubs involved with New York's intricate scene,while hosting and producing radio.