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 - a fox


Hailing from the Bay Area and currently darting around the forests of Portland Oregon, a fox is known as a wily character in the underground house scene, always stirrin’ up a ruckus. This fox somehow knows how to use a computer and has been makin’ infectiously silly, 808 infused, hyphy house music for 9 years now. How does a fox even use a computer? Preposterous! Perfect Driver, Laser Native, and Box of Cats have signed his tunes too! A fox’s first release, “Body Massage” received a 9/10 on Mixmag way back in October, 2015. It’s astonishing what a fox can do without opposable thumbs. He’s even gotten support by Malaa, Wongo, Cizsak, Treasure Fingers, Intermodal, Londonbridge, and more.A fox can somehow dj and his sets reflect the spirit of the animal he is. Rambunctious, silly and conniving house music, cunningly performed. A fox heard a quote from a man by the name of Fatboy Slim, the man said: “The DJ should be having at least 20% more fun than anyone in the crowd.” And a fox took those words to heart.He’s been seen prowlin’ around stages at Northern Nights, Lightning in a Bottle, and How Weird Street Faire. He‘s been seen with Jack Beats, Chris Lorenzo, Christian Martin, Worthy, Ardalan, Billy Kenny, Maximono, Fritz Carlton, Sharam Jey, Kidnap Kid, Dr. Fresch, Tim Baresko, Clyde P, LO’99,Samo Sound Boy, Matrixxman, Klingande, Isaac Tichauer and more...