Releasing under his 7XINS alias, Ben solely operates as a producer of live electronic music, built on a skilled manipulation of machinery and hardware that makes up his exploratory sound.Residing from a post industrial town in the depths of South Wales, Ben discovered the enticing abyss of underground music through an older sibling back in the early 2000’s. With a background in mechanical engineering and electronics, Ben’s transition into audio electronics was a natural one, having developed a healthy obsession with machines and the intricacies of sound since his early discovery of hard house and rave culture.Now deeply involved in London’s dance music scene with a demanding position on Egg LDN’s team whilst also working on 7XINS productions, a rich analogous sound with a strong sense of depth and space remains his trademark. It is the strong emphasis on evoking emotions in 7XINS tracks that have allowed his identity to stand strong in today’s market of techno artists.