- 2UTF


Sebastien Leger, Heartik, Umek and Frivolous are his biggest influences. His taste for electronic music starts in 2009 when he heard a group of DJs in his neighborhood who were beginning their careers, later this year became interested in making his own music mixes with the a.k.a David Cut. It was later in 2010 when he began his career as a producer, later achievement launch its first release in beatport and in between 2011 and 2012 begins to receive support from artists like umek when he sounds one of its tracks on his radio show "behind the iron curtain", also beginning to be heard in other countries like Mexico. In 2013 leave the production because of their dissatisfaction with the style and music that was producing and his career was frozen.At the end of 2013 began to study sound engineering and in his first semester of career learn a lot about music theory that later use to take the style of his major influences. In the half of 2014 again begins to produce with the a.k.a 2UTF which may be understood double utf this time with a gloomy style, also opening his own label "Futuristic" with 5 friends looking for that style with melodies and sounds with a futuristic touch