- 2MAU


After mixing and mashing for years 2MAU finally found the time to do what he does best: producing intense tunes with his own original sounds that will keep the audience enjoying the dance floor all night.Born and bred in Brazil 2MAU is strongly influenced by the exotic tunes of South America as well as the clean progressive psytrance which he smoothly combines with more upbeat influences from the eighties. (Don’t be surprised to find a little Donna Summer in his tunes.)Intense and intuitive; this describes Proost - his debut album - in nutshell. 2MAU managed to create his own eccentric and totally unique world, inspired by the Netherlands, where he currently works and lives.He lets his audience drift away in a world where it’s all about enjoying life and not taking life too seriously.Therefore most tracks are positive and fun in their complex mixture of unique sounds and effects. All created and designed by 2MAU himself.Tracks like Mother Flower (a word which 2MAU often uses jokingly instead of motherfucker) and Grapje, make the audience drift away in a world of craziness and 80’s synthesized beats.The album is interspersed with 9 tracks of dirty bass lines like the dark low-fi in the track named Digital 80's.Proost, a crazy, complex and profound intense strangeness that can unfold itself during the nightly hours in Amsterdam.