- 2Beeps


Self-proclaimed band geek and computer nerd throughout high school, 2Beeps spent most weekends going to LAN parties and raves. Electronic music was a magnet for him, and the new sounds and musical ideas being generated were infectious. He started making trance tracks using Fruityloops and Acid Pro, and realized this was what he wanted to dedicate his life to. After earning a degree in Music Production, he set his eyes firmly on New York City to make his mark. Working as an audio engineer in New York, 2Beeps met dance music veteran Ming from Ming & FS fame. The two hit it off immediately with a string of electro house thrashers and pop remixes. 2Beeps is making a name for himself with his slick productions and floor-thumping mixtapes. Working closely with the Hoodfamous Music crew, he's attracting a lot of attention. "I can't believe where this scene has got to since I was raving back in the early oughts. It's where I always wanted it to be: out of the shadows and on the main stages."