- 2-Wise


2-Wise was born in a small town in the Netherlands. The interest for music started at a young age. He started playing drums and guitar at the age of 6. When he was only 12 he graduated at the General Musical Education (Dutch AMV school for music). After that he traded his instruments for a dj-set, influenced by mixtapes of several dj's. In that same time he discovered a program called “Cubase”. Together with his father's Atari computer he learned to make music with this program. At the age of 15, 2-Wise started as a resident dj in a local club. He started as a dj in the hip-hop / urban scene. But in the early 90's he already combined urban with house and uk garage music. That is why he made a switch a few years ago, to the house scene. 2-Wise playd in countries like: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Swiss and Poland. Now a days his dj sets can be called energetic. His style is a mixture of progressive, techhouse, latinhouse with a twist of eclectic and mainstream. After years he combines his own creative style with different music influences. 2-Wise was one of the first dj's in the early 90's, who combined his dj sets with his mc skills. While he is pumping up the crowd with his choice of music, he also uses the microphone to take the crowd to another level.